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6/24 US-Sino President Tina Yao receives commemorative plaque

Sponsored by the Nanjing Municipal People's Government and undertaken by Nanjing Pukou District People's Government, Nanjing Innovation Week 2020 Landmark IC Industry Summit opened in Nanjing Pukou District. Tina Yao, chairwoman of the US-Sino Center, and Jin Shuming, director of the Los Angeles office, who was present at the summit, received the holographic Los Angeles collaborative Innovation Center plaque from Hu Wanjin, vice mayor of Nanjing. The innovative holographic awarding method makes the attendees shine.

The summit innovatively adopted the online holographic conference system and invited domestic and foreign industry experts to give online keynote speeches. This system not only improves the work efficiency, but also makes the "in person" effect reach the acme. At the activity site, experts related to IC industry discussed the IC industry in a three-dimensional way from frontier technology, to industrial ecology, to industrial prospect, from macro to micro, from present to future.

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